Feb. 14, 2017

Proud to call Greenville Home

As a company we are thankful to be based in Greenville,South Carolina. We appreciate the culture and the natural beauty of the area. One of the best parts about Greenville is that culturally, the area is committed to an entrepreneurial and commercial spirit. Our team has seen and been part of multiple young companies in the area and we appreciate the innovation that these companies bring. Not only does Greenville have its fair share of small businesses, it also has a large number of major commercial and manufacturing businesses in the area. These businesses help anchor a professional and technical workforce that helps to bring expertise to those seeking to innovate. Greenville is also helped by the numerous centers of higher education in the area, which helps to develop a pool of educated talent. While the pro-business focus of the area has its advantages, the natural beauty of the area also provides a means of rest, relaxation, and adventure for TalentFlood team memebers. From hiking in the state and national forests, to escaping to one of the regional lakes, the natural resources of the area are a boon to the TalentFlood team. We are proud to call Greenville, South Carolina home.