Jan. 21, 2017

Perspective from a founder

Dear Reader, 

It's incredibly hard to continually submit resumes knowing that they may go unread. It's incredibly hard to fill out yet another cover letter when you're worried it might not even be seen and that's only one of the hard things about job searching.  It’s frustrating to not know if the work that you are doing in a moment is going to make a difference. “Will this act be what finally pushes me over the top?”

When looking for work there is so much desperation that is out there because you have to have a job to live, you have to have a job to eat, you have to have a job to have your house, you have to have a job to pay for your car, to pay your student loans, or to take a vacation, etc.  All of these things require you to have a job.  The great thing about TalentFlood is that it gives you the opportunity to say this is the thing that I can rely on to help me find work. This is the thing that's going to constantly be getting my workplace identity out to folks, this is what's going to allow me to be seen by the right employers and I don't have to worry about finding the best match. All I have to worry about is doing my part in filling out this form and filling out this profile and employers are going to be able to find me.  That freedom allows me to brush up on my certifications and it allows me to keep working on my education and it allows me to keep getting the life experiences that are so important to our development and to our work career.  

TalentFlood allows me to focus on going to the internship and not having to worry while I’m interning, “Well, did I get enough resumes out today?” I think that's the really important thing about TalentFlood is that our method lets you spend time on the things on which you're meant to focus. It doesn't require the best engineers to become salesmen. It doesn’t require that doctors become consummate self-promotors.  It lets you focus on your craft and your work. It allows yourself to be put out there for the right fit all the time. That freedom is such a good thing because TalentFlood lets us be us.