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EMPLOYERS: Stop wasting time. Start on-boarding talent.

Hiring is long, inconsistent, and often a waste of time and money. We believe there is a better way. TalentFlood allows Employers to search smart. Through our matching algorithm, you can know that your candidates are a good fit for the job even before meeting them. This is not a traditional Applicant Tracking System or simply a keyword-based resume screener. We take into account the candidate's personality, compatibility, experience, skills, and education in order to fit the role and your company's culture. Let's eliminate wasted time and money together.


TALENT: Stop scrolling job boards. Start being found.

STAND OUT FOR WHO YOU ARE. You are not just words on a page in a giant stack of resumes. You are an individual with more to offer than just a bunch of checked boxes. We'll create a full profile for you that takes into account not just your work experience, but also your Life Experiences, Education, Skills, and Personality Compatibility. Get hired with science so that your next job is the right one for you. Since TalentFlood is a central marketplace, filling out the profile once allows you to be matched to an unlimited number of Employers looking for someone just like you. Get matched today!


How it works

Job Seeker completes Talent Profile

This test includes Education, Experiences, Skills, and Compatibility.

Employer completes Job Listing test.

Similarly to the Talent, this job listing test includes Education, Experiences, Skills, and Compatibility.

Employer runs a search

When the Employer is ready to hire, they can use our sophisticated algorithm to search the database.

Employer receives ranked list of Talent results

Our lists are scientific and mathematical. Only the best matches will surface.

Talent is contacted by the Employer

From the top-ranked list, Employers can reach out directly to the job seeker to pursue next steps in the interview process.

A beautiful relationship is formed

Employer has the freedom to interview candidates and hire the best Talent for their company

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