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EMPLOYER: Stop wasting time, Start onboarding talent

EMPLOYERS CAN SEARCH SMART. TalentFlood allows for employers to know that the people they are contacting to interview are a good fit for the position -even before they meet the candidate. This is not a traditional Applicant Tracking System or resume screener. We take into account the candidate's temperament, experience, skills, and education in order to fit the role and your company culture. 


TALENT: Stop scrolling job boards, Start being found

EMPLOYERS START FINDING YOU. You will not be just a resume in a giant stack of resumes. You are viewed as a person with more to offer than just a bunch of checked boxes. We'll create a full profile for you that takes into account your work as well as your life Experiences, Education, Skills, and the oft neglected category of Compatibility. 


How it works

Job Seeker fills out Talent Profile

Complete the Compatibility Test

Employer runs a Search

A beautiful Relationship is formed

TalentFlood Celebrates Winning First Place At Moxe Pitch Event

TalentFlood Celebrates Winning First Place At Moxe Pitch Event

Fit for Entrepreneurs

While you are building your business it is critical that you bring in people that fit your culture and values.

Employers - get a better job description

Hiring is all about finding the right match for you, the team, and the company as a whole. So, as uncomfortable as it might be, try to be direct and honest about the expectations for the job and workplace.

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